Proper acclimatisation of vinyl flooring is recommended for best results. The vinyl flooring should be stored flat in proper storage areas at room temperature above 20°C and conditioned for at least 24 hours at the work site. For optimal sub floor condition, the indoor temperature of the work site should be controlled at 24°C approximately and should not exceed 36°C.

Installation of vinyl flooring should not be carried out before interior renovation works (including painting works) are complete, unless there is proper cover protection in place to prevent material from being damage or tainted.

Newly constructed cement floor should be allowed to dry completely before vinyl flooring installation can be carried out. For timber flooring, the timber flooring should be at least 12mm thick and without signs of indentations or cracks.

The sub floor should be checked for its moisture content before installation. The sub floor should not contain more than 5% moisture.

Clean the sub floor thoroughly before installation and ensure that all uneven or damaged areas are patched and levelled. Ensure that the sub floor is clean, smooth, dry and generally in good condition before installation.