Engineered hardwood flooring is also 100% wood. It is manufactured by permanently bonding together multiple layers of solid wood in a cross-ply construction. Engineered hardwood is designed to have superior strength and moisture/humidity resistance, which can be installed over wood, concrete or an existing floor. And, just like solid hardwood, most engineered hardwood floors can be refinished if needed. Multilayer engineered flooring construction 100% genuine hardwood.

  1. a) Protective finish: Urethane and polyurethane coatings designed to protect the natural wood beauty for years. Factory finishes containing aluminIum oxide offer the most protection against scuffs and scratches.
  2. b) Hardwood facing: the species, grain and color you see when the floor is installed.
  3. c) Supporting layers: Multiple layers of wood that are assembled and glued in a cross-ply construction.

This structure is more stable and less susceptible to shrinking and expanding than solid wood.


  • Dimensional stability particularly in variable climatic conditions.
  • Improved performance with regards crushing and impact, eliminating risk of splits and deterioration in the surface.
  • Guarantees perfect joints between boards on four sides and reduces the risk of warping between boards.
  • Guarantees even surface appearance to reflect the evenness of the board.
  • Environment-friendly adhesive takes no any harm to your families’ health.
  • Characteristics and technical performance.

Whether your taste is rustic, traditional or contemporary, we offer a wide variety of styles and surface textures to meet your needs.


The distinctive colour and grain of hardwood is sculpted by the craftsman to reflect your personal artistic taste and to provide premium hardwood flooring with a timeless rustic and casual appearance.


Brush the surface to highlight the natural structure of the grain creating additional texture. We can vary the effect depending on the species, and type of bristle. Brushing is usually accompanied by other surface treatments such as bevelling the edges and applying a coloured stain or glaze.


The colour will have an enormous influence on your decorating style. Colour-wash process creates unique flooring that sets the highest standard of elegance. Treated with a special dark stain wash to accent the grain detail and texture, the natural floor colour and darkened grains create a stunning contrast.


If you are looking for a high-contrast dramatic effect, select a bold edge/end detail that emphasizes the definition of individual boards. Square edges/ends achieve a low-contrast effect by creating a more seamless appearance. Beveled edges create a picture framing effect that emphasizes the planks for added contrast.

Beyond all this, we are committed to a business philosophy we call Total Quality Partnering. This commitment means continuous interaction and communication between all key personnel involved, internally and externally. From Initial inquiry to project execution, our experienced staff and qualified In-House installation team will certainly assure to complete every given task in a timely manner, We are committed to providing a safe, healthy working environment and establish long term, mutually beneficial business relationship. It’s what you expect from a leader.


It is difficult to explain what lures us to the beauty of an exotic hardwood. It is uncommon by nature and visually beautiful. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen. And while we tend to seek out the things that make us feel luxurious and comfortable at home, exotics offer a little bit of mystery and drama that make a living space uniquely our own.


  • Optimum plank size: 1210 x 163 x 16/3mm
  • 0mm thickness of hardwood facing
  • Hand-sculpted, or wire-brushed with colour-wash
  • Beveled edges for added contrast